$$100+ a month using these survey sites

Updated: Aug 31

The sweet spots for surveys are Monday through Friday. Sundays are very rare days to earn amounts worth very much. I encourage you to sign up to all of them in one day and begin once you're ready. I've been using them 3-4 years and it nets me between 1-3 thousand per year. Every little survey adds up. I usually do as many surveys as I can get my little hands on.


This Is a great starter site and one of the best when it comes to availability of work. There is always an earning opportunity available. Use the answer tab on the left side of the webpage. You can answer simple questions in surveys, watch videos, earn cash back on shopping as well as sign-up bonuses. They offer cash outs by PayPal and many other great gift card options. Earnings are around $5-10 per week, plus referral commissions.

Ipsos (I-say)

When you sign up you will need to fill out your profile questions. After that the money will start rolling in by filling out surveys. Minimum withdraw is just 5$ (500) points, but minimum PayPal is 15$ (1500) points

By answering some simple questions you can build your investment portfolio, retirement fund or simply have some spending money. It is a great opportunity and I would of loved to find out about this many years ago. Stay patient, take small steps, because those even can make a difference in your life.


Amazing site that offers a great referral program so invite some friends and begin sharing your link around the internet for some passive earnings. I recommend doing the theorem reach within the site to gain some earnings.It takes 50$ in giftcards before you can start earning through PayPal. You can easily earn a dollar a day.


You can make a lot if you refer a ton of referrals, so get out there and start spreading your referral link. It pays 25% of faucet claims and 10% of referral offers. Very similar to Instagc, but earns interest on the amount in the account once you reach 3$. It really adds up. Viewing advertisements is an easy 5-10 cents a day. Earnings are around 3-10 per week also.

Leger Opinion

A Great option for earning by answering questions. One of the highest paying survey sites, I've made 25$ off a single survey.Very consistent amount of work. Sometimes there are surveys that are broken but just stay away if it stops you from progressing in certain surveys. Earnings are an easy 10 per week.

Survey junkie

Pays by U.S Dollar and offers a minimum 10$ withdraw through PayPal. Offers quite a few surveys and you can get 10-30$ per month if you are active everyday. Earnings are roughly 1-3 per day.

Branded Surveys

You can watch videos and withdraw through this method too. Also many surveys available through this site. PayPal approved

Opinion outpost

Feel free to join I make about 10$ a week off this one and it is great. I just cashed out and the surveys are some of the highest you will find.These guys have just added a premium member bonus to surveys and still going strong as of 2020.