3 Sites to Earn $100 per month by completing Captchas


Kolotibablo is an excellent place to start when looking for a stable, consistent income online.

You fill out captchas for this company and earn some income off of it.

Minimum withdraw is $1, and from what I know, it is fairly instant.

Make sure you follow the rules to prevent getting banned from the site. Just type exactly what is written, they are Case Sensitive.

Great, Happy Earnings!

ProTypers is very similar to the one above and a great addition to your earning websites list.

All you have to do is earn a minimum of $3.00 typer credits on the site to be eligible for a withdraw.

The earning potential is really up to you with an excellent 10% of the amount your referrals earn. Without a limit on how many people you can get. It really is limitless.

Use Code: FLH6

(potential rewards from


MegaTypers has almost the exact same build as ProTypers, It looks and feels very similar.

Again, with a very low minimum withdraw threshold you could more than likely withdraw every day.

Use Code: FLH7

(Potential future rewards on

So that pretty much sums up my list. Stay consistent and keep earning everyday. Remember to sign up as a premium member on for a chance at rewards in the future. Go to the rewards page to see if you'll be eligible in the future.

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