4 New Smart phone apps that pay!

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Maybe you just want a free phone plan's worth of income from your phone. Or some money to invest and make passive income. Following is a way to add $10-$30 each month from your smartphone.


Current is a paid to listen to music app. I've been earning $10-$20 each month for using this application on a separate smartphone besides my main phone. This alone should be enough to cover a basic phone plan with unlimited text, and a few minutes of talk. Payments are made through PayPal. You even get paid to charge the phone with Current.

Offers an excellent $25 Bonus for new referrals and 5% of referral's earnings for life.

Money SMS ( Code: 46DDE1A57 .25 Euro Bonus)

With unlimited text, money SMS will send random texts to your phone, each one being worth .01 -.05 euros. Pretty good earnings for not having to do anything wouldn't you say? If you can get your friend's and family to sign-up you'll also receive 30% of their withdrawals.


Pretty much the same deal as Money SMS, you can run these simultaneously for some change at the end of the day. Join Now increase your passive income, allowing you to do the things you want with your time. Just sends texts throughout the day, and pays cash for you receiving these texts. Join to Earn Today!

Money SMS Profit

Another text and earn app. No referral program to the best of my knowledge. Can be installed and used at the same time along with the previous mentions.

If you were deciding on whether or not to get that new smartphone, well now you can, and have it pay for itself, Awesome!

You should have figured out there are ways to earn you wouldn't have even thought of. I try to take time between posts so you can get little pay bump increases and find value with Hope you like the new earning choices. Enjoy!

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