5 Steps to earn $1000 per month

This is a recap post with posts earlier mentioned, but a summary that puts it all together for you to set a goal to work towards. Let's begin

I know how you can earn an extra $600 each month with very easy sources and everyone is accepted into the programs. To make the extra $400 per month you will need to invest some of the earnings from the programs I've shared with you.

Step 1:

I'll start with the worst of it, but it's still easy tasks each day. As much as you don't want to do them, you need to do surveys in your spare time in the beginning of your full time passive income goals. I'm making $35000 in passive income every year, and still do these because they're kind of fun once you get into them. I'll leave a link to my top ones I check into most frequently.

Leger Opinion


Opinion Outpost Canada Rest of world Opinion outpost


Branded Surveys

Total $200

Take a day to sign up to all of them and check in a couple times towards the end of the week on Thursday and Friday and make a day of getting your cashouts towards Paypal.

Step 2:

Sign up to all of the following sites, these are completely passive, although micro, make a huge difference in the long run with compounded interest.


IP Royal Pawns

Peer 2 Profit


Now without referrals these should earn you around 1 to 2 dollars per day, not much but necessary.

Total $30 - $45

Step 3:

You will need a Helium (HNT) Miner. These miners cost $1000 on ebay or you can wait 4-6 months from the site for yours to ship to you and it will cost around $500. I have two of these and they generate between 3 and 8 dollars everyday. You need to set them up at separate locations so it only works twice as well if you can set one up at a siblings or your parents place in addition to one where you live. You can send your payments to Binance, convert to bitcoin, send to Coinbase and cashout to PayPal and then into your bank account for spending.

Total $90 - $240

Step 4.

Pipeflare will allow you to monetize every waking second by playing games. I've been playing most days and earn at least 3000 1flr tokens each day. This is the amount you have to do to earn $100 each month in addition to the ones above. You will need the yearly proffessional subscription for $200 as well as the bonus token drop NFT in their NFT Store. This will save you a lot of time.

Total $100 - $200

Step 5:

You most likely already have a source of income whether it's social assistance, welfare, a part-time job, full-time job, pension, or some kind of money coming in, if you don't you're lucky the above sites are posted for you to earn $580 per month starting at step one with the surveys.

You will need to save up $11000 from the previous steps and other sources of income to top off your $1000 per month. This is what you need to do.

Total $330

Sign-up to Pipeflare,

Or login if you're a member already

You need to buy the 2X and 3X staking NFT's. You need to buy 1flr through Metamask by swapping with Matic and then depositing onto Pipeflare and then stake your coins. You must also be upgraded to professional supporter as we mentioned in Step 4.

And like that you will be earning close to an extra $1000 dollars per month on the side of your current method of earning income. Happy Earnings.

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