6 New Websites to boost earnings

Updated: May 25, 2021

Hello, I bring to you seven exciting new earning opportunities that you can use to boost your income from home. All of them offer referral commissions so the more people you tell about it the more you earn. If you do not know how to convert Bitcoin to your fiat currency like Canadian Dollars or United States Dollars, it's simple. Just Make a PayPal account and a Coinbase account. Within Coinbase you will need to get your Bitcoin address to withdraw earnings from the sites. To do this just go to tools and get your BTC (Bitcoin) address. Copy and paste it into your profile for each site. It should look something like this 3EYtZUspMyEiexokpEfQzcCkgtq7Mdg6ZN .

They are all free to use so you do not have to worry about being scammed out of your money.

Okay so now let's get into the exciting new earning options available.

1. Pipeflare

Pipeflare is a new faucet that allows you to claim 3 different faucets everyday. Its native coin Flare which isn't listed yet, but they will allow you to stake it soon, on-site. So collect as many as you can while it's rewarding high amounts.

Pipeflare also allows you to claim doge coin, as well as ZEC (Zcash). It does have quite a rewarding referral program, if you want to run ads or refer family and friends.

2. Coinpayu

This website is simple you click the advertisement wait for the timer to expire and Boom! You have just earned Money. Just be careful, many times people promote sites they believe are legit only to find out they never pay. Minimum Withdraw is 0.00010000 Bitcoin or roughly 1.00$. They also offer a referral program, so if you know anyone looking for ways to make money send them your link. Happy Earnings

3. AdBTC

Very similar to number 2, but here you get 10% of earners surf activity plus 5 percent of your referrals advertising purchases. You can advertise by transferring your earnings into your advertising account, to get more referrals to other sites. All you have to do is view advertisements and you will be Paid money in the form of Bitcoin.

4. CoinAdster

You will earn 10% of all referrals faucet claims, 5% of offerwalls, and 5 % of shortlinks for life. All you need to do is refer your friends and family for passive earnings and/or complete the tasks they have available on their site like the faucet every 5 minutes, shortlinks, offers, jobs, and PTC Ads.

5. Faucet Crypto

Faucet Crypto is a new faucet with a website value over 70 million dollars. It has pretty well near instant withdrawal times. I've been withdrawing ZEN, also known as horizen, it looked like it was only 2-3 cents per day, but what I've learned earlier about Hodling, turned out to be around 15-30 cents per about 15 minutes a day. Can't wait to stake my newly acquired zennies.

This site includes PTC, shortlinks, and referral commissions. It is a sure-fire way to earn some new cryptos without having to purchase anything.

6. Satoshi Labs

This site will pay lab flasks, and 1000 lab flasks equal 15 cents. When you withdraw your lab flasks you just need a Bitcoin address and it will automatically convert your lab flasks into Bitcoin.

They offer a Faucet, Offerwall, and Shortlinks. They add an incentive for people bringing them new workers. This is 20% for faucet claims, 10% for offers, and 10% for shortlinks for life.

I hope you have enjoyed the research I have done in finding these new methods. Again my main goal here is to find a way to go from nothing to a full time living expenses paid. I hope you bookmark my page ( so you can see my progress in the future. Thank you for your time and have an excellent time.

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