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Updated: Mar 20

You can earn a bonus for depositing on several different websites. This usually requires a $100 deposit, and held within the account from 24 hours up to 30 days for some, let me explain. These are which ones I've used to get some free bitcoin. At the end of the post I will let you know where you can earn interest on these bonus amounts.


If you haven't signed-up already, it's okay they also have an earn to learn program, you can find through this redirect. $10 Bonus once you deposit $100. 10% in one day, let's get into some other opportunities.

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Shakepay (Canadian only)

Shakepay will get you $10 bonus if you're a new member on their site, and deposit $100 of BTC. I recommend depositing 5-10 dollars over to make sure the volatility factor and transaction fee keeps you above $100. Remember you just have to hold it in the account for 24 hours on a business day, and the bonus will be in your account. Usually reflects in account the following day.

Tangerine Orange code: 50272751S1

If you have $250 you're not doing anything with you can deposit on tangerine and earn $50 just for holding it in the account for a few days. They have no account fees, and you can send yourself an Interac e-transfer without the need to wait for your card in the mail! How awesome is that. If you don't have anyone's orange code, you can use mine it's 50272751S1 . You also have the option of earning up to $150 per year if you can invite 3 people, 50 bucks per person.

Easy to join, and risk-free. Hope you have an awesome near $100 earning day today!

Bonuses? Where to store them?

For investment of these funds I recommend

Displayed are interest payments, on the amount held over 30 000 satoshi. interest pays daily!

Coin Smart did not meet expectations for my website, they offered a 15$ sign-up bonus, but required 18$ worth of bitcoin to send. It has been removed. I'm looking out for our community. Shake pay does meet all the requirements it asks still.

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