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Updated: Mar 20


You can earn cryptocurrency and convert it back into your country's legal tender. Visiting this site gets you a free helium miner to get your very own helium miner. On youtube it displayed some earnings as high as $30 every single day, passive income. High density population centers pay higher the more miners in the area. Great value for a free miner. You will need a smartphone to connect your miner to the app for receiving your HNT (Helium Coin). Click here to get your free Helium (HNT) Miner NOW!

HI Dollar

Hi dollar is another earning opportunity, free to join and use. Paying 1.25 HI dollars each day your claim. One reason, it must be held in the account for up to a year from the day you claim. Appreciating in value with the time factor increasing its price. Just sign-up and answer one question and you will earn. Plus 1.25 bonus each day for every person you can get to join using your link.

Load Team

Load Team is yet another passive income option for you to add to all of the earning methods so far. Add it to as many computers as you wish along with ip royal pawns, honeygain, packetstream. This alone should be enough to pay for a new computer on a payment plan, provided you can find a seller who does this. I believe it works for android, windows, mac, and linux. Load team definitely compliments the type of jobs I look to post here on

Don't wait, Join Today!

Overall since last post things are looking up. With the plotting of the Chia going very nicely, and all the referrals producing a better bottom line, Should be a very big help to your income levels with these three new posts, I hope you enjoy them and that it provides a spark to your night/day. Stay tuned for future posts, and check back now and again to see what I find for your all.

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