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Updated: Mar 19

Long gone are the days of whipping free workers. It's 2020 and companies make money from users seeing advertising on games. They offer referral commissions because they know the bigger the audience they have the more advertisements they can show. I will go into some apps I will be using in my free-time in Canada while I blaze up and stick to my 90's upbringing doing what? Playing Video Games but now for money.

Money Rawr

A very simple sign-up process, with just a couple of clicks you will be earning, and it is a fair price for the amount of time you use and you have fun doing it. Everybody wins. Sign up includes a 44 cent bonus and 25% of my earnings. Don't wait, Join Today!

2. Coin Pop

This Company brings great Value to its growing user base. Allowing children, adults and probably even your cat an earning opportunity. Enjoy free-time while earning some additional change in your pocket. So get your cat, get your kids and let's get some free candy and cat treats. Or if you have evil children and pets, support their dream of taking over the world. MUAHAHA! No, but really, sign-up Today!

3. App Flame

Very similar to the previous examples Just an extra outlet to find more games that pay and increase your growth in financial while having a great time. Offers a 44 cent sign -up bonus with a low minimum withdrawal.

4. App Station

Also offering a bonus for signing up, but different games in case you've already mastered the previous hundreds of games from the previous apps mentioned. You're going to have so much fun with these I wouldn't be surprised if I ever hear from you again. Sign up some friends and when they earn you earn, and when you earn they earn.

Okay so these are my top recommendations and with all of them you earn 25 % of whoever signs up using your link, and that person also earn 25% of what you earn by playing too. How great would it be to tell your kid when he finds out those games they were playing paid for their first car or maybe even house if invested correctly. Okay Thanks, Bye

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