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Updated: Mar 20

Where opportunity meets earning by viewing advertisements

There are a few things to go over before jumping into Paid to Click websites. Once you do join there is going to be a lot of scams or opportunities to watch out for. The rule of thumb to earning online is to first get paid by not investing money, but only your time. If this holds up for long enough then you can determine whether you're willing to invest to earn more, or just use it for some start-up funds. You will want to review the TOS ( Terms Of Service) per each single Paid-To-Click Site. Breaking the rules can lead to feelings of doubt and wasted time.

Some rules include only one account per internet connection or IP address, watching the advertisement until the timer expires, and not viewing more than one advertisement at a time. Many offer tasks and other ways to earn by referring people using a link provided. One issue is; you have to click a minimum amount of advertisements to get credit from you referral's activity. Usually is not accepted using a smartphone. If you'd like a computer to try this but have no earnings yet, I recommend trying these survey sites, saving up a month or two and buying a Chromebook. You will need to expand your technology devices to earn a full-time income online.( Not just a smartphone)

Let's go over what a PTC site essentially is. It is a domain name from an entity that provides a bridge or network to allow an exchange or viewing to potential customers. People who use these sites want visitors to their links and by building their down line it allows for passive income to roll in around the clock. People pay the website to post their advertisement to the sites, these sites usually convert better traffic when it is a niche like earning online than a random search engine. As everyone associated with the site is interested in earning income online. Signing up to one would be very pointless, You will need to research and test out as many as your spare time can handle if you want to make a full-time living off of it. Examples of Paid-to-click websites are:

GPT Planet





By just putting some music on and playing a few advertisements during your mourning routine can be time used a little more efficiently. It is mainly a source for individuals who do not have a job, dropped out of school or didn't have opportunities like the lucky ones. You can even share you referral link on my favorite traffic exchanges by clicking here.

Or you can reinvest your earnings into advertising other Referral programs listed on to get your passive income flowing. The paid advertising will work better than the traffic exchanges.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for further recommendations as I am building up the site to do a live stream where we can watch a live update on some of my earnings on a journey of ending homelessness, water scarcity, and world hunger or make a serious dent in it's impact on Earth. I feel we need to be the generations responsible for bringing berry bushes to dirt poor areas of the world and making it a planet we cal all thrive on no matter the circumstances of our environment.

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