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Updated: Mar 20

The 8th wonder of the world.

Traffic exchanges are a service where you visit someone's website in exchange for a view to your website. It has unlimited potential and can get a lot of referrals, just make sure your page is enticing.

So you've got your referral sites, but no referrals. Well You're in the right place, because I'm going to share with you traffic exchanges I've used recently and I've already received some referrals. So get your pockets ready because soon they are going to be filled with dollar bills, and income that will outlive you.

Link Collider

Guaranteed success while using this website. For liking,subscribing and sharing YouTube content you will receive exposure on other member's social media accounts. This applies to most referral programs that offer affiliate commissions. Maybe you're looking to grow your YouTube presence. When you do these activities you just add your, either YouTube channel or any site you're trying to get referrals to. IF you're looking for quick success this site is the most promising. Don't wait join today!

With this site it all depends on the amount of work you're going to put in. Or if you have money you can buy packages. They have personal all they way up to business packages. I prefer to work and not spare my capital. Unlimited potential and the sky really is the limit with this one.


This has been around since 2000 and is well established, there will be a lot of views to your web pages, and will get you a ton of referrals, just stay consistent and try to make the most out of the site. Use the banner ads, hotlinks and paste in your url link so you can begin getting visits to your affiliate links soon.


Get a view for every website you visit plus one credit which is equal to a view in the future once you assign it. Probably the most user friendly website around and with so many members you will get lots of views to your website.

Infinity Traffic Boost

So you have another opportunity, what's new? This is David, you know I'm always looking for more for my loyal fan base. This site offers Bitcoin as well as views to your website in Exchange for for viewing other members websites. It also offers an affiliates area so you can refer new users and earn when they upgrade plus get advertising credits. Don't wait join today.

List surfing

Amazing because once you view 50 Websites your website will be in rotation for up to one whole month, which you then repeat the process for another month.

Finest Traffic

This is a great option if you're looking to add in some more versatility to getting more visits, so don't wait get referrals fast with this website, As soon as you start assigning credits to your website it will get viewed, so make an exciting offer and watch the referrals roll in.

Awesome you've made it through the whole post, now you need to know it's going to take consistency to get referrals, but once you start making money passively you're going to feel great. Begin today and never look back, sign up to all the websites immediately. Anyway I have to go I have some Traffic Exchanges to attend to. Peace, David

Traffic Humanoid

Now this sites claims to pay you but there is no withdraw method, but the purpose to still use this is to get traffic to your URL links and get more sign-ups. Still serves a great purpose and for a limited time you can get a lifetime premium membership for 5 USD. This allows 5 seconds per website view to get a credit. Each credit will give you one view to your website. You can convert views into banner impressions and text ads. Plus you can get a life-time banner ad for life for only 100 000 ad views. Even though it doesn't pay I still encourage you to sign up.

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