Earn $1000 every month!

Updated: Mar 20

From what I'm going to show you it will take either

A. $10 000 for option one, loans are accepted as well as credit cards, and a little technical experience, or know how to follow instructions from the YouTube video I provide. (Mining Chia Coin). For an in depth view from someone who explains it much better than I could, watch this!

If you want to join a chia mining pool to spread your costs and provide a better form of stability payments over time, you can do so by joining

B. $25, 000 invested into referrals on PipeFlare. I've worked out the numbers, and this amount will get you to $1000 every month. Enough to pay back what you borrow to get it there, and a little something for your troubles in managing the debt. If you don't have the start-up funds, then borrow. Buy the referrals on a credit card. Once upgraded to professional level, it earns back 5% monthly, and the credit card rate is 22% annually or 2% per month. Quite a play if you ask me.

Join Now if you haven't

C. Diversifying your sites online with a post I made a couple of months ago. (see this post for details) You would need to make a website like this one, place advertisements on it for the cash-back, and advertise on paid-to-click sites like Scarlet clicks, gpt planet, or neobux. A little more time intensive, as well as a bit more technical, but returns 100% per year. Again for the building block if you are without an income, I highly recommend visiting my post on surveys for $200 per month. As much as you may dislike it initially, it's got to be done! Survey taking can and will start to click for you.

Yes it's 2-3 dollars an hour beginning, but that's where I started, you will soon see you can earn well over $2000 per year from surveys snowballing from start-up funds to something like PipeFlare referrals ( $3000 per year), and our new venture Chia Farming! Get Started Today! I will share ideas for everyone who is willing to learn and apply skills to achieve a comfortable income.

For a way to buy computing equipment on a budget, and without paying the full price up-front click me!

Hope you are facing these times head on, stay strong, we've built pyramids, bridges that cross oceans, and rose buildings miles into the sky, up you will go, to the stars!

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