BlockFi Earn $10 Bonus

Updated: Sep 4, 2021


BlockFi is offering a promotion of depositing one hundred dollars, which by holding for a specified time, you will receive $10. While you wait for the bonus to be applied, you will be earning interest on the hundred you invest into BlockFi.

Needed to be done:


1. Follow this link:

2. Click/Tap Sign-up, Enter First Name, Last Name, E-mail Address, and Create a password. Click Submit

3. Verify E-mail

4. Log in and select individual plan

5. Fill out your Address, City, and State/province

6. Enter your Phone number, and date of birth

7. They'll ask where your funds are coming from, select which one.

8. Enter your SSN.

9. Complete Verification Steps by first entering the text code they send to your phone, Confirm information is correct. Upload any identity supporting documents if required, it\'s only sometimes required, such as driver\'s license, passport, permanent residency card. Then Deposit and you\'re done.

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