Free to play poker, but earn real money?

Updated: Mar 20

BlockChain Poker

Wait, what? Yes with the new Blockchain poker program you can build a poker bankroll, and they will give you money to start. Play starts with 100 BCH satoshis. Which isn't really that much. However they offer an 8% bonus of the rake from your referrals. When I dropped out of high school to pursue poker full-time, this would've been a dream.

I spent nearly 30 thousand dollars over the first few years out of high school working on this goal. If I had been your referral on this program you'd have around 3000 dollars or more since the rake is much higher on Blockchain poker. Completely passively and will keep earning you cash every time your friend plays.

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You can reload to 100 BCH Satoshis when you drop below 50. You have to wait three minutes between the faucet claims. So grab your friends send them your affiliate link. The minimum cash out is 100 000 BCH Satoshis (about 31 cents.) This is one of the best opportunities and you will see it will become very successful over the next little while as it is still a fairly new idea.

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