How I earned over 100,000 Dollars

In the last 5 months I've had a major increase with some incoming cash. Stay tuned for my next recommendation coming up late in this post. Let me explain how I came to turn a few hundred into over one hundred thousand dollars.

Impact is an affiliate program with a list of programs that allow you to earn commissions for sign-ups. Their are many other options available like share a sale, Cj affiliate, Clickbank. If you have your own blog these would be excellent options for you. As long as it's related to earning income opportunities you may be able to find a buyer from advertising to hundreds of thousands on sites like neobux, picoworkers, or any PTC site out there. For a whole list of PTC sites visit foxyrating.

Pico Workers works especially well for Getting referrals to PTC sites like clixsense, or referrals to any program that's free to join that you can think of. It's a site you pay people to sign up to programs for. It alone earned me 40 000 thousand dollars for using coinsmart affiliate program from Impact affiliate program. I chose to invest more than half of that into Pipeflare's purchase referral which is integrated right into Pipeflare website. It's earning me $800 every two weeks. I've done the math on the amount invested and with the current promotion with 2$ referrals the site returns 5%+ each month.

When pipeflare listed it's coin on metamask I bought $4000 worth of the 1Flr token. It went all the way up to $67000.

At this point I took off $21,000 dollars and am running A copper Divi node as well as a silver Divi node. For more information on Divi nodes click through this link. It is paying me 2-3 hundred dollars every month in passive income.

Now for the opportunity for you all, it is this. Pi Network will most likely list it's coin at the end of this year. You task is to stack as much money as you can for the day it lists. On the first day you will buy as much Pi network coin as you're comfortable buying. I'd recommend going all in on day one, I'll be buying 10000 dollars worth of Pi network on day one once it's available for purchase. Amazon is predicting it to be worth $167 per coin within 5 years. It will list for a few cents on day one. Let's face it, Amazon is a very successful credited place who you should listen to. Remember Buy pi network on Day one and mine everyday so you get the alert when it's available for purchase. Even one thousand dollars will probably make you a millionaire within 5 years, but only if you buy on Day one of the Pi Network listing it's coin for purchase on an exchange. make sure your cash is liquid for the purchase in something like a stable coin or on a site that pays interest everyday with instant withdrawals like Nexo.

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