Kasta ICO

Available in 24 hours on ByBit.

Kasta is a coin which is in an early phase. It's ICO is running on ByBit right now. The cap per user is $380 USD worth of Kasta's ICO coin in the next phase starting tomorrow night. The coin is listed for .04 cents per coin. I'd highly recommend reaching the cap because it allows its users to send crypto quickly and for free without transaction fees.

You will be looking at a possibility of 100X on your money with a few short years. I do believe it will be a 4$ coin, with a 1.5 billion coin total supply to be issued. Currently there are a few million of the first couple of stages already sold out.

To find the Kasta ICO, Sign up to ByBit and complete identity verification, then fund your account with crypto. Tomorrow night at 11:00 AST it will become available for purchase. 25 million coins will be sold tomorrow, expect them to sellout over the next few phases.

It's important to diversify with early opportunities like this one, which will only add to the spread of income earning opportunities online. Opportunities like these come around every so often, don't miss out and JOIN NOW!

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