New opportunities, plus income strategy

Updated: Mar 20

Today I bring more new earning opportunities, plus a strategy involving a new feature on a site I'm promoting.


A paid social media that costs nothing to get started and pays for likes, comments, shares, and pretty much all of your activity on the site.

Webtalk is a diamond that I feel is underated, but the evolution of the internet. For each like you receive 10 points, comment is 20 points, and share is 30 points. Each 1000 points is currently 6 cents. You can earn 10% of all of your friends introduced to their website/app through using your personlized referral/affiliate link.

For a limited offer the first million users to upgrade will earn through 5 tiers of referrals through levels of seperation for just $200 annually. So it pays to have friends with lots of friends. We also earn 10% of upgrades. There is a calculator on site to help you get an estimate on how much you can expect to earn. New, but very promising, I encourage you to join now!

You will need a payment processor to withdraw your earnings, to get one, click/tap through this text with Payoneer and get it set up.


Markethive is an inbound entrepreneurs' dream. It allows for a group message feature for mass e-mail sending. You must invite 3 users to their site to unlock the captcha paying feature. Which pays you for every action on the site, from reading, to messaging to being added as a friend. It is built upon the blockchain which allows for instant payment to your account. Before the price was removed from the exchanges Markethive had a stronger belief than the value of a U.S Dollar.

Once you upgrade Markethive allows for 500 MHV (Markethive Coin), bonuses for every member you refer, and is completely free for new members. The website is estimated at over 50 million dollars on Worth of Web

The coin is not yet listed on any exchanges, the site however contains over 250 000 users, and is not worth missing out on. Join, It's free, and you have nothing to lost. <<Click>>

Free Bitcoin

Now i know a lot of People know about . If you haven't joined, do it now! They have introduced a new feature. Where if you buy a certain amount of Fun Tokens You will earn an interest bonus of 25% annually on the amount of BTC held in the account. You can find their review page here if you're skeptical.

They have been in the game longer than any faucets in the game. It is a phenomenal earning opportunity, that you needs your attention. $100 000 adds up to $2500 worth of BTC every month, just off interest. For a redirect link to the site you can join by clicking/tapping this underlined text.

I'd recommend if you have a large amount of USD, CAD or any other Fiat to invest. Do half now if you can't wait and the other half after the BTC Crash. Either way, soon it will be near impossible to get any BTC for a cheap price and should return back to this peak price within 5-6 years if it does even crash again. Do not be discouraged my market changes, and always evaluate on future prices of peak prices, I have Bitcoin at a stabilized price in 2100 at around $130 000 of the last mined bitcoin. because I know the algorithm I have evaluated the amount of users in the world with wealth of the world, and those who have access to technology by comparing mass adoption methods with Facebook's user count.

The price still can surpass this amount as fluctuations happen in every market. Join Freebitcoin, and follow a consistent deposit schedule to avoid and losses or gains.

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