Opportunities for consistent income

So I am about to list some opportunities that have potential to become a full-time income from the comfort of your home and computer. It totally depends on the amount of time you have available to put in. I will list these in order from most accepted and easy to more difficult but more rewarding.


With this website you get paid small amounts of money to review calls and categorizing tasks. Although it starts at very small rewards top earners on this site earn 40-70 dollars an hour once they've become super human status. The more/accurate you work the higher earning opportunities become available. You have to be accurate with your responses or run the risk of having the category locked.


This site takes more effort but has much more to offer somebody looking to make a full-time income. You can transcribe, caption videos and earn from foreign language translations. Although I personally have not earned from this one, My ex-girlfriend made some decent money from this site, and is excellent if you have good typing skills and a excellent understanding of English spelling and punctuation.


This is a micro task earning site and pays in amazon gift cards. Type of work ranges from classifying tennis plays to chatting with A.I bots and everything in between. Although it is mainly for U.S citizens there is opportunity for other countries as I am in Canada and have earned here. I think you have a better chance of being approved for an account if you've had an amazon account a while. But I can not confirm this for sure. Some have a Dollar withdraw option however if You don't you will need to buy an amazon product and sell it to get it in dollars.


The amount of work is a little more inconsistent however it is an option. I log in from time to time to check for opportunity. The type of work is a little more challenging compared to the previous methods. It does take more qualification tests to even begin receiving opportunities too.

This sums up my list of proven earning options that I either work for currently,or know someone personally who has earned. The require no money to earn and never ask you to upgrade. The pay is fair and does provide an opportunity for consistent day to day earnings.


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