Paid to read and write

Updated: Mar 20


On this site you read articles with advertiser funds dedicated towards user's tips. Yes, you heard that right you do not have to use your money to tip writers. You can tip yourself any where from 20% to 80% using the advertiser's funds. You can also write to be paid. You can tip around every ten minutes. It pays in multiple cryptocurrencies including Dai, BAT(Basic Attention Token), and Loopring. So click the link above and begin earning fast.


With this site you can also be paid to write, it offer around 1 cent per every three reads, with an upgrade option to earn more than that. As an example I've written 40 articles and brings in recurring income in the amount of 1 to 25 cents per day. Not a bad recurring income for a few hours of time up front. You can ask your family and friends to read your articles everyday for some help in earning money. If you upgrade and take it seriously, you can earn $6.00 per thousand reads. I've written around forty stories and these writings still bring in an income after years have passed.

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