Passive Crypto Nodes Which Pay

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

All Nodes

All nodes is a platform dedicated to providing uptime for several different crypto nodes. Like most of us we do not have the technical knowledge it takes to set up Crypto nodes. Crypto Nodes help to confirm transactions on the blockchain ledger for different Cryptocurrencies. Nodes are very rewarding and with a bit of start up funds can be your main source of income if you have enough to invest in the coin. By holding the coin and setting it up as collateral you earn two ways, appreciation of the coin like upswings and rewards paid for hosting the node. You do not lose the coin when you host it with a node, leaving liquidity if you for some reason needed your money to spend.

I'm currently running an Energi Node. The minimum amount of Energi to buy is 1000 Energi (NRG). Energi Nodes pays $40 (CDN) each month per 1000 NRG hosted as a node. I do plan on taking advantage of this opportunity more in the future. There are so many different nodes to select from including Divi, Ethereum, Horizen, Helium + so many more options. If you're looking for a passive income source, this is your chance to make some money without using your time to trade for it. It will generate passive income day after day, and you will see your rewards every step of the way. I might do an invest feature on this site where people who can't afford full nodes can get in on the action with a percentage return based on how much is contributed from our community @ Post your opinion everyone, it would be great to hear from everyone if this idea interests some.

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