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Updated: Mar 20

You will need to get referrals for some of these and others you can just let run on your device. I recommend using the earnings from the ones that earn into advertising for the sites that pay referral commissions. Before you know it your money will be compounding right before your very eyes. So let's get into the sites


This pays you just for monitoring which websites and apps you visit and how you use your device. You can use it on up to five devices. Min cash out is 20$ paid through PayPal. It is available on IOS Android and Windows. SO sign up and start making income for things you would do anyway.


This is useful if you have an unlimited amount of internet bandwidth, it will run in the background and you can use it at the same time as honeygain. It just runs in the background of your computer or smartphone device and you earn money, paid by PayPal.

This is a bitcoin faucet that you just complete a captcha and you earn a little bitcoin up to 200$ worth of bitcoin. I Have over 500 referrals and it is a stable source for some change on the daily.

Pi Network Code: clixboss (Invite only)

This is a Cryptocurrency and is passive as well. You mine Pi on your smartphone, it does not use battery and I have generated 13$ since late July 2019, it is now September 2019. In hopes of the price going up I will hold mine for a while. You just need to click mine pi once every twenty four hours.


Earn Ethereum just for installing the add-on to your device. Swash also offers you 13 cents worth of Ethereum for everyone you get to sign-up.

Mobile Expression

It pays amazon gift cards and some other gift card choices. It is similar to Honeygain in the way they use your activity for paying you some money in exchange for how you use your phone.You need to claim your 2 credits weekly, my reset is on Mondays. 15 credits is 10$ in variable gift cards. Takes 30 seconds for a few easy dollars each week.

This pretty much sums up my post, I would like to remind you that sometimes when you find new opportunities online you begin spending it blindly. If these are new to you, don't forget to stash or use it to earn more. When I first began earning online 1$ per day compounded into 40 monthly passively within one full calendar year.

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