Pi network anticipation, Where to buy?

So recently Pi network released a major mining rate drop. A clear sign it could be listing its coin on an exchange within the next little while. Either way its best to prepare for its listing regardless of the timing of the mainnet launch.

Following are a list of possible exchanges where you will want to sign-up and complete KYC (know-your-customer) ahead of the curve whether you're planning to sell it or buy more of it. Mining from even the past few years anyone has done won't be a big dealmaker in the beginning listing price.

Let's introduce a few exchanges that could be possible for a listing from Pi network's developer team. Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.

I recommend signing up to all of the sites below and completing KYC, sometimes there can be delays in the process of signing up, being able to complete all steps ahead of time will allow for more value and an immediate solution to whether you plan on buying or selling any new cryptocurrencies into the future.

Site is big and I heard they played an advertisment at the superbowl this year. I believe they also now own the staples centre and renamed it the arena. This could be a place for the listing of the coin. also offers a sign-up bonus. Offering a $2000 bonus per referred friend, just for if you know lots of people.


A major candidate for listing one of the biggest anticipated coins in the history of cryptocurrency. With a large user count, it would make sense for Binance to be a major competitor to receive Pi network coin transaction volume, and new users expansion for an increase in new users for Binance. Offers a 10%-20% referral program on the transaction fees from your referrals.


Lists a lot of new cryptocurrency relatively quickly upon launching of coins. A sign they will be interested in listing a coin with network of over 30 million users. If you're not signed up to Coinbase yet, Coinbase also offers paid to learn, small staking program, along with a referral program for your family and friends. Offers a $15 sign-up bonus once you deposit $100, plus anyone you refer.


I think this site is a possiblilty to list the coin as well, but less of a possiblity than the others. Who knows maybe all of these sites may list the coin. Coinsmart offers affordable purchasing and withdrawing of crypto, so makes sense this team would want some more users from pi network.

Most effective in this situation would be sign up to the above and more, completing KYC

(Know-you-Customer). Uploading identity is a security function for preventing duplicate accounts.

Regardless of which exchange lists this coin or when, it is important to have diversification across exchanges, as some contain different coins. It's best to have a variety of options available in case you want to dive into some new, more, less known cryptocurrencies

It is also a high possiblility it listed across many different exchanges, it will be known quite quickly once mainnet is launched which exchange will be first up.

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