Second Passive Income Source

Updated: Apr 18

Following are a few completely passive income opportunities, and all you need is a pc or smartphone. Download all three and let run simultaneously in the background. It will have money flowing in effortlessly.

1. IP Royal Pawns

IP Royal Pawns is a passive income source that adds a simple .05 cents per day, but the stronger your internet connection and computer, makes claims of up to $300 per month. An easy $1 minimum threshold level, paid through PayPal. They pay 10% to refer using their affiliate link too.

2. is very simple, just click the link, scroll down to become a packateer, download and run passively in the background. Minimum payout is $5 and they sometimes offer a 20 % promo of referrals earnings to your account, it's usually 10%.

3. Honeygain

Honeygain allows up to 5 devices per Ip address, and is very easy to get started. Just go to the link destination download install for Windows, IOS, or android. I've been earning around 30-50 cents per day completely passively with this one for over a year. After a while they approve you for content delivery that adds quite a bit of passive income to your earnings.

You should make a note that if you are really good at affiliate marketing, or referring people, about 20 000 active referrals will earn you $10 000 per year to anyone of the above programs. Examples of where you can run advertisements for a great price can be found below.


2.Mellow ads

3. Bit

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