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Updated: Apr 22

Dec 24th/2021 Payment Proofs Provided @ the bottom of page

Following are a few completely passive income opportunities, and all you need is a PC and/or smartphone. Download all passive income sources and let run simultaneously in the background. It will have money flowing in effortlessly. Earnings are roughly $100 per month without referrals, but you could grow this amount exponentially with a little bit of advertising and new referrals.

1. IP Royal Pawns

IP Royal Pawns is a passive income source that adds a simple bit of income per day, but the stronger your internet connection and computer, makes claims of up to $300 per month. $1 sign-up bonus, paid through PayPal. They pay 10% to refer using their affiliate link too. IP Royal Pawns is a sign-up one click download, install, and earn income. Very simple sign-up procedure to begin earning passive income today. Don't wait, Join Now!!!

2. Spider

Spider makes claims of adding 2$ per day to your passive income for downloading, installing once. They offer a live count on the increasing income every second of the way. With a $5 sign-up bonus. Offering a 25% bonus for inviting referrals, don't wait Join Free Today!

3. Peer2Profit

Peer 2 Profit is a website that pays you for your internet bandwidth, it can be combined with all 5 of the other programs listed below. In terms of how much it pays well, it's an easy 20-50 cents every single day for downloading and installing once. But it's the compound interest which gives you your bang for your buck. Completely passive, and another addition to the income opportunities. It's minimum payout is $10 via BTC, also offering 50% of your referrals earnings, making it a top prospect for inviting family and friends.

4. Surf

Surf is a browser extension which pays for usage statistics from people's devices. Upon signing up there is a 1000 point bonus up for grabs. 2000 points is $10. Plus earn 1000 points for everyone you refer. A great way to add some income to your passive income portfolio.

5. is very simple, just click the link, scroll down to become a packateer, download and run passively in the background. Minimum payout is $5 and they sometimes offer a 20 % promo of referrals earnings to your account, it's usually 10%. You will on your way to doubling your passive income if you're starting at zero income.

6. Honeygain

Honeygain allows up to 5 devices per Ip address, putting you well on your way to some passive income, and is very easy to get started. Just go to the link destination download install for Windows, IOS, or android. I've been earning around 30-50 cents per day completely passively with this one for over a year. After a while they approve you for content delivery that adds quite a bit of passive income to your earnings.

You should make a note that if you are really good at affiliate marketing, or referring people, about 20 000 active referrals will earn you $10 000 per year to anyone of the above programs. Examples of where you can run advertisements for a great price can be found at the end before the comments.

7. Hideout TV

This earning method will bring in around 40 cents every day, you just need a spare computer to run it on. I'd buy a used one on a second hand site like Ebay. It will create passive income, and provide you with a little more time to take off, because you deserve it.


Another site I've been using for passive income, that has been earning me a nice chunk of passive income is

This one site alone is earning me on average $94 per day, every single day, and I do not have to do another thing. The method is pretty simple, upgrade to professional supporter to earn 4x of referral rewards, then buy as many referrals as you can get your little hands on. You can buy them right through their site. Another great feature is the staking 1flr tokens. Once upgraded and with the 2X and 1.5X staking bonuses pays 30 percent per year. I currently have over 30 000 dollars earning 30 dollars every day which I use to buy platinum referrals each day.

They have three different tiers of referrals; basic, which is 0.75 per referral and have clicked once in the last seven days, Platinum, are $2 per referral and have linked 2 or more social media accounts plus clicked the captcha 4 times in the last seven days, also platinum referrals + games who have clicked 4 times in last seven days and cashed in on the gaming competition, these cost $10 per referral.

You also earn through 4 tiers of referrals, not like a pyramid though, picture it like a tail wind, cut off on the 4th level, this is a marketing tactic, much like how dentists, and doctors receive referrals from other doctors and dentists for work much too advanced for them to complete, or in a different specialization. Keeping it all within its ecosystem.

Really will be a great source of passive income for me in the coming months or even decades. Imagine, take a sec to run those numbers on a compound interest calculator, if earning 5% per month, it will really start to snowball into a large chunk of change.

PIPEFLARE PAYMENT PROOF!! (2 week payment)






2.Mellow ads

3. Bit

Make a list similar + greater, and the advertising sites like mellow, bitmedia, and a-ads will help the world earn $100 per month + your 10%-50% from sites on this list. $10 per month for One Active To 8X passive sites.

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