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Smartphone apps that earn you 100+$ per month

Updated: Mar 16

1. Lucky Money ( been waiting for two months for new payments have received payments before)

It is a lotto app so you have a chance to make more but this app will generate you approximately 20 cents to 30 cents if you use it everyday and do the maximum number of activities. Somewhere between 6- 10$ per month.

2. Supervank (Scam) didn't pay in 4 months after requesting payment)

Another ad app that pays you for watching ads, you can easily earn a minimum of 20 cents(United states Dollars) everyday. By using the code 72VCNS you will earn 20 cents just for signing up. Minimum cash out is 15 United Sates Dollars. All you do is view advertisements and earn income.About 10-15 $$ per month paid by PayPal.

3. Panel App

With this app all you have to do is install it and you will begin earning passive income. It tracks some of the places you visit and some of your activity on your phone. It offers referral commissions so sign up as many friends and family and you will be on your way to earning income. Roughly 5-7$ per month

4. Cash Magnet

With this app it pays to auto run advertisements on your phone. You can earn approximately 50 cents United States Dollar per phone to a maximum of 4 phones per internet connection. So 2 United States Dollars per day. It works well from referrals too get your friends and family to sign up and earn 10% of their activity.Approximate earnings are 10 -15$ per month per phone.

5. Honey Gain

Another Passive app to a maximum of 5 devices. It will earn you about 5 to 10 cents per day with just one or two devices running it or 3$ per month. They Offer you a 10% affiliate commission for referring new members paid daily. Minimum cash out is 20$ by PayPal.

6. Mobile expression

This is a passive app and you can earn 2$ per week or 8$ per month,you just have to open and claim your points on Monday.

7. Pi

Just click mine once per 24 hours and you will be earning and up and coming Currency. Right now it isn't listed on the exchanges so we are unsure of it's value at the moments. Use code clixboss to join. It is invite only. I think it will be worth about 2- 3 cents per day or 1$ per month at the moment, but could be worth way more once it gets listed and people start trading it.

8. Electroneum code BB32F9

Using this code will give you an additional 1% lifetime earnings, pay is about 2-5 cents per day. Just click extend mining once per week and you will earn about 2-5 $ per month. But if you hold your earnings the value may go up in time.

9. Money SMS 46DDE1A57

Enter the code to earn .25 Euro Bonus. This app is just testing connections from towers to make sure they have wide coverage. Only use if you have unlimited text. It will send random messages to make sure the network signal is good. Earnings are between .03-.10 euro per day. Paid by PayPal, minimum withdraw 2 euro. 30% of referral's withdrawals paid to you.

10. Embee meter CX

Pay is somewhere between .10 and .30 per day. Just monitoring smartphone usage, not sure why but I'm assuming it's for companies to make more profit. If this one does not work try mobile performance meter, same brand just for different regions. No referral program.

Okay that sums up this post and I hope you will take action and begin earning 70 - 100$ per month plus much more if you can get your friends and family to sign up. Remember this takes little effort. But if you are persistent and keep signing people up it will pay off in the long run. I hope this post is helpful in getting you closer to your goals, and again I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think it was possible to get a full time passive income off of it. So join through the links and begin your dream job and follow your passion. Life can be full of surprises.

Check back often because I'm searching aside from my full-time job,it is my goal to fulfill this goal of getting you to enough to live off.