Smartphone apps that earn you 100+$ per month

Updated: Oct 4

1. Cash Magnet

With this app it pays to auto run advertisements on your phone.

Running 4 Phones daily earns $1 US + per day. You should buy 4, 100 Dollar Phones with a minimum of 16GB storage and 2 GB of Ram.

Referral commissions are 15% of first-level referrals, and 5% of second-level referrals earnings.

For troubleshooting issues when you need to reset storage follow this link.

You will have to learn to do this as it is necessary every few days.

Will add An extra $40 CAD every month.

2. Honey Gain

Another Passive app to a maximum of 5 devices. Once you sign-up earning will be a few cents.

You will need to activate content delivery to earn 30 + cents per day.

They Offer you a 10% affiliate commission for referring new members paid daily. Minimum cash out is 20$ by PayPal.

Will Add an extra $13 CAD per month.

3. Mobile expression

This is a passive app and you can earn 2$ per week or 8$ per month, you just have to open and claim your points on Monday.

4. Pi

Just click mine once per 24 hours and you will be earning and up and coming Currency. Right now it isn't listed on the exchanges so we are unsure of it's value at the moments. .

The estimated Price per coin when it lists will be around 10 cents to 40 cents USD per PI Coin

Code: clixboss (Invite Only)

It looks like I will have Earned $3 USD by the time it lists, per day.

For bonus motivational,inspiring and earning opportunities view my other posts on vocal by clicking this link.

5. Curious Cat

Simple survey site with available surveys daily, minimum withdraw is one dollar. Don't wait, get started today.