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Updated: Mar 20

There are a few tools you will need to have a successful career with some of the programs I am affiliate with. These are my tools, I'd recommend all day everyday.

Punctuation Book

It is recommended to upgrade your skills, and invest in yourself. This book comes in handy for the transcription job section of

You will need a computer or like me, 3 computers. These are the work from home tools I have set up and completes all the things I need them for.




You could also use a few smartphones to run things like coin app, and

These are the phone tools I use:

Motorola E5

Umidigi A3

Overall these tools are quite affordable, except the desktop, which was around $1000. I'd recommend starting with a smaller device and working your way up towards the higher priced devices if you do not have a whole lot of money to work with. You can still use most of the sites I've listed on on a $100 smartphone, it will just take more time and you will not earn quite as quickly.

If you can search your local used internet sales sites to see if you can find a discount on a tech device that would be recommended. Also sites like offer financing, even if you put one of the items above on a credit card, it would more than pay itself off within the year. 3X + annually for all the devices/ learning materials.

Awesome thanks for reading and I look forward to bringing even more earning opportunities that contribute to an awesome work-life balance.

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