Top Bitcoin Faucets ~ Updated 2021

Updated: Mar 20

Get started, begin earning today

I want nothing more than to provide hope for those looking for opportunities, if I make a little income off it, I'm okay with that, I know you'll like what I've found.

This is a relatively new way to earn since bitcoin has only been around for 10 years or so. But, let's jump right into these sites. These are recommended for people in remote areas that do not have PayPal and need a global currency to migrate to a more developed area that provides income support like here in Canada.

It may take you a year or two of doing these faucets to save up for a plane, train, or bus ticket. Just know there is hope for you. I have been working in this industry since I was 15 or 16. Not until the recent internet companies began popping up giving us these opportunities has it been possible. Okay so now let's do this. You may need a bitcoin address and a Coinpot account.

This is one has been around the longest. It offers a captcha that rewards users in bitcoin. Pays 4.08% interest once you reach 30 000 Satoshis, a Satoshi is a denomination of a bitcoin. Think penny, think Satoshi. You can share your referral link and begin earning passive income as soon as you get some referrals. This program offers an excellent reward program that reward points for captchas and offers bonus rewards on weekends ever weekend, I've seen up to 10x. Which you can then exchange for bitcoin once you reach 100 000 points.


This offers a Faucet, referral commissions and watching videos in select areas.

It offers 25% of referred members faucet claims, and 10% of offers, this can quickly add up as you begin getting referrals.

Horizen Faucet

Horizen is a new cryptocurrency and this faucet is the first step in getting some of it risk-free. You have an opportunity to begin earning a substantial amount of it while the price is still low.

This faucet allows for social media bonuses, Hodl bonus, consistent activity bonuses.

Thank you for tuning into this list and I hope it is helpful in getting your to your goals faster, Just know if you are positive and keep giving your best there is hope for you. If you don't try you will never get there, if you try you stand a chance. Thank you, Kind Regards, David O

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