Promotion #1


has ended! (April 5th 2021) a total of 549 Satoshi (0.45CDN)has been paid out based on the activity of the referral. 

The promotion for this month for my referrals has begun.

If you haven't signed up through my link, do so now! 100% of commissions will be paid out through their in-site program.

50%, of faucet claims, 25% of your interest earned, and all multiply BTC commissions on top of your earnings. Payment will be made in 600 satoshi intervals for the next 10 days. (May 1st through may 10th 2021)

Payment sent May 12th 2021 to referrals within-site

Stay tuned for future bonuses!

Cancelled Promotion #2


There is a counter on the main/home page, just share this website on the traffic exchanges, the site generates 1 satoshi per page view, Once we reach one million visitors release of payment will be made to premium subscribers. For examples of where you can share the url please visit the following redirect destinations. Cancelled

The advertising company is not crediting the account for payments.

Link #1



Photo by Dmitry Demidko on Unsplash